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Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Beds are not for everyone, but owning one could really benefit you if you snore. It is scientifically proven that sleeping at an elevation of 30 degrees relieves pressure on the diaphragm and helps keep the airway open. In addition, if you have back pain or suffer from acid reflux an adjustable bed may be just the remedy as well. Recently, adjustable beds have been the choice of home owners looking to care for their numerous health issues at home, but they have been used in hospitals for a very long time now and are highly regarded.

Fact is, why wouldn’t you want an adjustable bed over the regular flat bed experience you know so well. First the bed lays flat which matches what you have already. Now it also elevates, heats, massages you, reclines, and there is even talk of a Swedish adjustable bed that makes boysenberry tea for you on command! Ok, we made that last one up, but that is still better than a flat bed.

If you are thinking about buying an adjustable bed be careful because the information out there can be confusing. It is a bit difficult to differentiate the brands for frames as the adjustable bed is really the adjustable bed frame, mostly made by one manufacturer: Leggett & Platt. One thing to note here is be sure to pay attention to how quiet the bed motor is. Don’t get stuck with a motor that sounds like a lawnmower. You may also want to consider a split frame so each person can adjust their side differently.

The mattress has several suitors to pick from, and this is where you can define comfort. In this arena, there is absolutely no substitute for taking a ride down to your local bed store and trying out the mattress first hand. These retailers will have huge markups on the products so remember it’s just a test drive you’re after, unless you don’t mind over paying for things of course.

This is a “comfortable, not comfortable” type test. Take pen and paper and jot down mattress info such as size, model number, manufacturer, and price. You want a coil spring mattress made of memory foam with a density of 4. Use this to shop online where prices are significantly less and in some cases you can even get the shipping for free. Prices range between $1500.0 to $6000.0 dollars for the mattress, and $500.0 to $1000.0 for the bed frame.

Two industry standards you will want to consider is the “whisper quiet” which is the sound level of the motor, and the “wall hugger” which allows for end tables to have a close proximity to the bed as some frame models butt out from the wall considerably. Snoring is just one ailment you can kiss goodbye with an adjustable bed. Consider that you spend a significant fraction of your life sleeping. Why wouldn’t you want to do it in luxuries comfort?!