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Alternative Snoring Remedies

Truth be told, there are a lot of proposed solutions out there to help you stop snoring. Some have more potential than others but really it depends on you, and just how bad your snoring problem is. We have uncovered alternative ways to stop snoring from as far out as hypnosis to crazy concoctions of ingredients in tea. If you have a strong mind and question everything, hypnosis may not work, but if you are open to accepting that you can be mesmerized into stopping snoring, you may be inclined to give it a try. However, if anyone truly had the power of suggestion, wouldn’t you be in line to get it too?! That said, the the following alternative snoring remedies are more likely to benefit the average snorer.

Alternative Snoring Remedy Reviews

#1 Snoreclipse Snoring Solution

Snoreclipse Snoring Solution is an alternative snoring remedy that utilizes magnetic therapy. If you ever wanted to flaunt a nose ring, but you’re not into the whole piercing thing, here is your chance. Good news is if you don’t like the way it looks on you that’s ok, because you only need to wear it at night while you sleep.

This stop snoring remedy is a small plastic ring with two small magnets. The ring is inserted into the nose overnight and is supposed to magnetically stimulate the sensory nerves in the nose which in turn prevents the nasal passage from closing. The stimulation is what prevents you from snoring. Magnets can also be applied to other areas of body to help stimulate nerves that can indirectly help deal with snoring.

#2 Anti Snor Therapeutic Ring

Another alternative snoring remedy designed to help you stop snoring is the Anti Snor Therapeutic Ring. This product is a small sterling silver ring that applies pressure to your little finger as you sleep, allowing energy to flow freely through the body via acupressure points. There are two prongs on the inside of the Anti Snor Therapeutic ring that press on the heart meridian giving energy to this channel.

Wearing the ring increases energy flow to what is referred to as the upper jiao, which contains the heart and lungs in its sphere of healing. This allows for improved breathing which is what is supposed to stop snoring. A better understanding of pressure points and meridians and how they interact with major organs of the body could really help this remedy’s effectiveness.