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Anti Snor Ring Review

Another alternative snoring remedy designed to help you stop snoring is the Anti Snor Therapeutic Ring. This product is a small sterling silver ring that applies pressure to your little finger as you sleep, allowing energy to flow freely through the body via acupressure points. There are two prongs on the inside of the Anti Snor Therapeutic ring that press on the heart meridian giving energy to this channel.

Wearing the ring increases energy flow to what is referred to as the upper jiao, which contains the heart and lungs in its sphere of healing. This allows for improved breathing which is what is supposed to stop snoring. A better understanding of pressure points and meridians and how they interact with major organs of the body could really help this remedy’s effectiveness.

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  1. Maria

    Thats the way my husband does and loses his brtaehe,gasp and in the mean time I am listening and it takes a while for him to gasp.I get scared so I usually touch him to make him get his breath.I would go be checked out just to make sure.He had blockages is why he was doing that.He ended up having a heart attack had to have 5 by pass surgery and now he is fine.Please be checked and may God bless you.

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