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Anti-Snore Pillows

When I was a kid I remember my dad snored so loud he would wake himself constantly. Effective remedies like these pillows were non-existent, so my dad owned shirts with tennis ball’s sown into the middle just to keep him from lying comfortably on his back.

Today several companies manufacture anti-snoring pillows that help you position your body on your side and back, and help you reduce or eliminate snoring and greatly improve sleep quality. Keeping your head aligned with your neck and spine has been proven to help eliminate snoring and sleep apnea in some patients. If a pillow can help you sleep better at night by stoping your snoring, you can’t afford to not understand what is available and how well it works. Save the tennis ball’s for the tennis court!

Anti-Snoring Pillow Reviews

#1 SnoreEzzz Snore Reduction Pillow

SnoreEzzz Snore Reduction Pillow is our top rated anti snoring pillow as it marginally out performs other leading pillows. Here’s why: The two pillow works to elevate and keep your head elevated with its patent pending contour shaped design. By doing so you keep your spine, neck and head all in alignment while you sleep and reduce or eliminate snoring altogether.

The contour shaped design is highly effective without attaching it to your head like a chin strap. We had thought it would be like sleeping on crown molding, but thankfully we were wrong and what we found was it was like sleeping on a down pillow made of soft sponge foam. The pillow is incredibly comfortable. It is also very durable, completely washable and made of hypoallergenic polyester fibers.

Don’t start pillow fights with your partner and this pillow should last you for years. The SnoreEzzz pillow comes with an additional pillow the size of a car head-seat and a CD containing sleep music. The extras are icing on the cake because the pillow produces results for people who snore, and much unlike every other product we have reviewed, the SnoreEzzz pillow is FDA approved! The SnoreEzzz pillow is our top rated stop snoring pillow aid.

#2 Brookstone Anti-Snoring Pillow

The Brookstone Anti-Snoring Pillow is a patented design that stops snoring and allows both back and side sleeping. Like most pillows it is designed to keep your jaw slightly forward and keep your airway open and unrestricted. Resting your head on the pillow is very similar to being in a position to receive CPR. The roll of your neck is elevated and supported by the pillow.

The Brookstone pillow is equally as effective as the Snorezzz product and boasts a Consumers’ Choice award for comfort. The pillow is definitely comfortable but it is hard to argue it being more comfortable than that of Snorezzz. It’s durability isn’t in question and it will easily fit any size pillow case. The Brookstone pillow is a top quality anti snoring aid.

#3 Sleep Posture Pillow

The Sleep Posture Pillow from ActiveForever is solely designed to prevent you from sleeping on your back or stomach. Hence, its effectiveness is tied to its ability to keep you sleeping on your side.

The Sleep Posture Pillow has great versatility. It is a good travel pillow for the car, train, or plane due to unique shape like the number 9. It has an ear well to help assist with pillow alignment, but it is not quite as comfortable as the previous two pillows we reviewed. Also, durability is middle of the rode as it isn’t made of patent pending molds or specially designed contours.

But can it help you stop snoring? Yes, but only if the product can keep you on your side while you sleep. It is less expensive than other pillows. We suggest this pillow for the part time snorer. If your wife or husband has recently started complaining about your snoring which may be due to recent weight gain, smoking, or heavy drinking, this may work as a token of your commitment to nip it in the bud and keep them happy.

#4 Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow is another pillow designed to elevate your spine, neck and head into alignment. It is this alignment that will assist in stopping your snoring. This pillow’s effectiveness is tied to your ability to stay put on your back while you sleep. If you are a mover than you need a pillow that will move with you and we suggest you look at the Snorezzz.

Comfort level is middle to low with this pillow also as it seems way too stuffed and very stiff like a hospital pillow. Claims that snoring assistance is its primary use seem misplaced and we believe this pillow would be better served for those with back issues where being immobilized is important for healing. This is more an all purpose pillow than a pillow created to eliminate your snoring problem. It has a heavy price tag to boot.