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Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Breathe Right Nasal Strips are very popular and have been for nearly 15 years now since Jerry Rice endorsed them. In fact Breathe Right eliminated most of the Nasal dilation competition for a long time. Very popular among athletes ever since then, Breathe Right nasal strips are spring like band-aids that bridge across your nose. There is much debate as to whether Breathe Right can actually stop snoring, but what isn’t in debate is whether they work.

Under increased physical exercise when airflow begins to constrict due to physical exertion and heavy breathing, the spring like bands help keep the nasal passageways open allowing maximum airflow. Through proper nasal breathing Breathe Right does stop you from snoring. If you have a severe snoring problem due to obesity, heavy smoking or drinking, a little strip across your nose isn’t going to help you.

We have discussed nasal dilation products with pharmacists and Breathe Right nasal strips are continually brought up for their effectiveness. These strips are designed for comfort and it is easy to forget you even have one on. The downside is they don’t last long. You could probably stretch one out for 2-3 days worth of use. The upside is Breathe Right nasal strips are available in mentholated, tan, and clear strips. They also have kids sizes.

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  1. Uupula

    As a victim of sninorg and sleep apnoea I understand the problem. It’s not easy,two years ago I started designing my sleep assist pillow. It works for me, I have taken a holistic approach to sleep. I have had about 85% plus positive results. Not only is my sninorg under control, I have not had a sleep apnoea for about 15 months. I continue to use the pillow. If there is anything I can do to help let me know.

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