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Brez Nasal Breathing Aid Review

Brez Premium Nasal Breathing Aids are very similar to Nozovent. The design is slightly different, but the concept is the same. Prevent snoring by fixing the breathing problem where it starts: in the nose. The application comes in multiple sizes and is placed at the base of each nostril with a bridge connecting the two sides. We wouldn’t say it is any less effective than Nozovent as they both do the same thing for your nasal airways. We would say it is a little less comfortable and a lot less durable.

Brez strips are only to be used for 12 hrs maximum, and with that kind of turnover this is a little pricey. There is a lot of backing for this product as it seems doctors, pharmacist and the medical community as a whole is vocally in support of the product. Again, this product will help you if your breathing issues are minor.

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