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Brookstone Anti-Snoring Pillow

The Brookstone Anti-Snoring Pillow is a patented design that stops snoring and allows both back and side sleeping. Like most pillows it is designed to keep your jaw slightly forward and keep your airway open and unrestricted. Resting your head on the pillow is very similar to being in a position to receive CPR. The roll of your neck is elevated and supported by the pillow.

The Brookstone pillow is equally as effective as the Snorezzz product and boasts a Consumers’ Choice award for comfort. The pillow is definitely comfortable but it is hard to argue it being more comfortable than that of Snorezzz. It’s durability isn’t in question and it will easily fit any size pillow case. The Brookstone pillow is a top quality anti snoring aid.

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  1. Fandi

    I’ve heard about sewing a teinns ball to the back of a t-shirt. if they lie on their back (when most snoring occurs), they’ll feel uncomfortable and roll over.hope this helps

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