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Hivox Snore Stopper Watch Review

The snore stopper is unobtrusive to wear while you sleep, and most importantly, it works without waking you up. This watch uses the latest TENS technology to emit pulses of electric current (very low level) when the watch detects you snoring. The minor jolt is designed to reposition you so that your snoring is interrupted. If you’re a chronic snorer you could easily replace the symphony while you sleep with constant tossing and turning. Both equate to no sleep and we don’t see you gaining any advantage here.

Comfort isn’t an issue and it is as durable as they come. It is battery operated (CR-2032) so in time you will have to switch them out. The watch has a feature that will automatically power-off after 12 hours of activation to save battery power. It uses replaceable electro pads to assist the watch in performing. The pads go between your wrist and the watch when you sleep at night. The watch will not be affected if you inadvertently push buttons on the watch at night while you roll over.

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  1. Tin

    Sleep apnoea does not invlvoe holding your breath, but rather, your body does not trigger the inhalation of a breath.. With sleep apnoea, you don’t breath, and in many cases your heart stops momentarily until the levels of nitrogen, oxygen, acid and others elements in the blood change sufficiently enough to trigger the breath response.

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