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Nasal Dilators

There are quite a few products out there to help you stop snoring in the area of airway enhancers or nasal dilation. While most are short term solutions, some can still provide long term relief. If you have chronic nasal problems or find it tough to keep your nasal passages open when you sleep these products can help.

Nasal dilation and airway enhancers can work for you if your problems aren’t too severe. You can avoid a lot of areas where ailments can crop up by starting with proper breathing through the nose. The idea is, if you can keep the nose functioning correctly with maximum air intake, compensation doesn’t need to kick in. If your mouth has to open to get the air you need to breathe correctly, then snoring and other ailments begin to take their toll on your body.

The following reviews will discuss products specifically designed to address nasal dilation.

Nasal Dilator Reviews

#1 Nozovent Anti-Snoring Device

Nozovent is a device you can use to help relieve snoring by opening the nasal airways. It helps to increase airflow and enhance breathing by reducing nasal constriction. We all know if the nose get’s plugged when you sleep, the mouth pops open. When this happens snoring will usually ensue. Nozovent increases airflow through the nose by opening the nostrils to help get rid of unhealthy mouth breathing and minimize the drying of the bronchial mucosa. In many cases it decreases the severity of sleep apnea.

Nozovents’ effectiveness is directly tied to how severe your asthma, allergy, breathing, or snoring problem is. If you’re a heavy snorer with mild sleep apnea this may be all the remedy you require. The manufacturer claims that it will greatly reduce or eliminate snoring completely. The product has been around awhile, has a good reputation and a better than average customer satisfaction rating.

Nozovent is reusable until the plastic piece no longer offers the same spring-like action it did when you first used it. This typically happens after 3 months of continuous use. That isn’t the greatest shelf life, but it is longer than most, if not all in this product line. The nose piece can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Of all the nasal dilation devices, we like Nozovent the best. The product has been through a battery of testing over the years and proven its value.

#2 Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Breathe Right Nasal Strips are very popular and have been for nearly 15 years now since Jerry Rice endorsed them. In fact Breathe Right eliminated most of the Nasal dilation competition for a long time. Very popular among athletes ever since then, Breathe Right nasal strips are spring like band-aids that bridge across your nose. There is much debate as to whether Breathe Right can actually stop snoring, but what isn’t in debate is whether they work.

Under increased physical exercise when airflow begins to constrict due to physical exertion and heavy breathing, the spring like bands help keep the nasal passageways open allowing maximum airflow. Through proper nasal breathing Breathe Right does stop you from snoring. If you have a severe snoring problem due to obesity, heavy smoking or drinking, a little strip across your nose isn’t going to help you.

We have discussed nasal dilation products with pharmacists and Breathe Right nasal strips are continually brought up for their effectiveness. These strips are designed for comfort and it is easy to forget you even have one on. The downside is they don’t last long. You could probably stretch one out for 2-3 days worth of use. The upside is Breathe Right nasal strips are available in mentholated, tan, and clear strips. They also have kids sizes.

#3 Brez Premium Nasal Breathing Aid

Brez Premium Nasal Breathing Aids are very similar to Nozovent. The design is slightly different, but the concept is the same. Prevent snoring by fixing the breathing problem where it starts: in the nose. The application comes in multiple sizes and is placed at the base of each nostril with a bridge connecting the two sides. We wouldn’t say it is any less effective than Nozovent as they both do the same thing for your nasal airways. We would say it is a little less comfortable and a lot less durable.

Brez strips are only to be used for 12 hrs maximum, and with that kind of turnover this is a little pricey. There is a lot of backing for this product as it seems doctors, pharmacist and the medical community as a whole is vocally in support of the product. Again, this product will help you if your breathing issues are minor.

#4 Anti-Snoring Aid Nose Clip

The Anti-Snoring Aid Nose Clip is made from soft silicon and fits gently into the nostrils holding them wider apart. Again, we are targeting the first stage of the breathing process when you sleep. The nose and the its airways. If these are working, your sleep should be good. Once these breakdown and the snore trap swings open, the list of issues begins.

This product is just as effective as its counterparts. Comfort is great due to the soft silicon. You almost don’t even feel it resting in your nose. Durability is great and it is the longest lasting item of the previous 3 like it.