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Nozovent Anti-Snoring Device Review

Nozovent is a device you can use to help relieve snoring by opening the nasal airways. It helps to increase airflow and enhance breathing by reducing nasal constriction. We all know if the nose get’s plugged when you sleep, the mouth pops open. When this happens snoring will usually ensue. Nozovent increases airflow through the nose by opening the nostrils to help get rid of unhealthy mouth breathing and minimize the drying of the bronchial mucosa. In many cases it decreases the severity of sleep apnea.

Nozovent’s effectiveness is directly tied to how severe your asthma, allergy, breathing, or snoring problem is. If you’re a heavy snorer with mild sleep apnea this may be all the remedy you require. The manufacturer claims that it will greatly reduce or eliminate snoring completely. The product has been around awhile, has a good reputation and a better than average customer satisfaction rating.

Nozovent is reusable until the plastic piece no longer offers the same spring-like action it did when you first used it. This typically happens after 3 months of continuous use. That isn’t the greatest shelf life, but it is longer than most, if not all in this product line. The nose piece can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Of all the nasal dilation devices, we like Nozovent the best. The product has been through a battery of testing over the years and proven its value.

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