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Sleep Angel Chin Strap Review

Sleep Angel is our #2 jaw supporting product. It is a lot like My Snoring Solution’s product except with wider ear cuts and a more palatable price tag. It gets all the same high marks as the jaw supporter from My Snoring Solution for effectiveness and durability. The wider ear slits are a slight downgrade in design because it gives the supporter the ability to move around on you a little more whereas the tight ear cuts from My Snoring Solutions jaw supporter had far less play.

That said, this is reasonably priced and being sold on eBay. The seller is within the US and highly reputable. When we buy something, we like the comfort of knowing we can return it, but for the Sleep Angel, passing on this comfort gets you a considerable discount in price. We are of the mind that you can’t put a price on your quality sleep and cutting corners out of the gate may lead to multiple purchases before you find what works.

One Response to “Sleep Angel Chin Strap Review”

  1. John

    I bought this product several years ago.

    1) It did not work at all.
    2) The stitching came out and it fell apart.
    3) I sent several emails to the company asking for a refund and did not receive a reply.

    IMO this product is a scam.

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