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Snoring Chin Straps

Fact is, this isn’t a beauty contest, so unless it’s Heidi Klum sleeping next to you in bed at night, the jaw supporter, also referred to as the chin strap, is one of the best products available to stop snoring immediately! There are several jaw supporters out there and we have reviewed them all for effectiveness, comfort, and durability. Believe it or not comfort is a big issue. You might think these would be annoyingly uncomfortable and tight, and you’re not wrong. Some are, but others are not which is why we have taken the time to present you the information, and let you decide.

Snoring Chin Strap Reviews

#1 My Snoring Solution Chin Strap

If you are a victim of chronic snoring or sleep apnea then your main goal should be immediate relief. You cannot afford to continue searching for a solution that may or may not work. You need a guaranteed solution now! This is why the My Snoring Solution jaw supporter is our #1 stop snoring aid in this line of products. It provides immediate relief and you will be sleeping through the night again! Simply put, it works!

My snoring solution’s Jaw supporter is our top option because first and foremost it provides immediate results. After just 1 night of sleep you will awake rested and renewed guaranteed or your money back. We liked seeing that about this product and they actually offer the return policy for up to 12 months (You can’t beat that with a stick!) Second, My Snoring Solution’s jaw supporter is actually comfortable. The fabric is a soft blend of materials and the seam is situated so it doesn’t irritate the skin on your chin and neck.

Aesthetically your image may take a hit, but remember, this is for sleeping, not shopping! Last, but not least, it is a durable product. The jaw supporter isn’t going to wind up like a dead sock after a year of normal use. If you snore and slobber, you are still OK. This supporter is totally washable. The seams are not going to come undone from excessive washing. The only thing we can find wrong with this item is it only comes in one color. In the area of jaw supporters, My Snoring Solution’s product takes the blue ribbon!

#2 Sleep Angel Chin Strap

Sleep Angel is our #2 jaw supporting product. It is a lot like My Snoring Solution’s product except with wider ear cuts and a more palatable price tag. It gets all the same high marks as the jaw supporter from My Snoring Solution for effectiveness and durability. The wider ear slits are a slight downgrade in design because it gives the supporter the ability to move around on you a little more whereas the tight ear cuts from My Snoring Solutions jaw supporter had far less play.

That said, this is reasonably priced and being sold on eBay. The seller is within the US and highly reputable. When we buy something, we like the comfort of knowing we can return it, but for the Sleep Angel, passing on this comfort gets you a considerable discount in price. We are of the mind that you can’t put a price on your quality sleep and cutting corners out of the gate may lead to multiple purchases before you find what works.

#3 Snore Belt Chin Strap

The Snore Belt Chin Strap by MEDEX is a one size fits all elastic chin strap/jaw supporter. This one piece chin strap is very effective and will hold your lower jaw shut helping to prevent you from snoring. It has a snug fit and is very easy to wear. Despite the fact it looks more like you’re wearing an athletic supporter, the snug fit conforms to your head and is extremely comfortable. The material is not too dissimilar from that of a wetsuit. It is strong and reliable and also very economically priced.

This is an eBay item so you may be able to get it even cheaper by bidding for it, or you can just buy it flat out. What we don’t like is the time it may take to get to you. The item is shipping out of China and has a very limited return policy. However, the return policy should be the least of your worries compared to the number of additional restless nights before your new product can be put into action! We calculate two weeks minimum and despite being a solid product, shipping time and potential shipping cost are possible hang-ups.

#4 Snoring Chin Strap

The Snoring Chin Strap from ActiveForever is the cheapest option available. We evaluated this product on the same set of criteria as all the others: effectiveness, comfort and durability. However, this chin strap’s price tag makes it hard not to mention. It is definitely the economical winner, but we are a firm believer that in life, you get what you pay for! Active’s chin strap is effective. It stays in place and it is adjustable. It’s light weight, and made of latex rubber.

One thing to note, this product is not returnable. Not even Roseanne Barr is going to find you attractive in this chin strap and comfort comes into question as well. If you have facial hair the rubber could pinch or pull your hair. Despite the latex rubber being durable and long lasting the fastening mechanisms’ are not. It seems poorly crafted and is better served as a travel partner or back up to your more trusted supporter. Add to that the overwhelming desire to turn this strap into a sling shot and we have to chalk this product up as high risk-low satisfaction. Buyer beware!