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Snoring Throat Sprays

Some stop snoring throat sprays taste just awful, but with that look in your wife’s eye that says, “you better take one for the team here so I can sleep,” you’re going to have to grin and bear it! As such, we have reviewed 8 different throat spays on the market today and only 2 make the grade. Some of these throat sprays can be administered through the nose. We don’t recommend those unless you actually enjoy gagging a lot.

Most of the sprays that didn’t make our top products review list contain oils that seek to lubricate the nostrils or throat. If you see “miracle ingredient,” or “a blend of over sixteen essential oils and herbs” in the ingredients list that basically means we put so much crap in here that maybe it will do something to help you stop snoring, but if not, we don’t care. Look to see if that same product offers a refund and we are willing to bet 75% of them or more will not. That equates to a waste of your time and money. Here is information on the two throat spays that work, and are worth your attention.

Stop Snoring Throat Spray Reviews

#1 Snore Hush Anti-Snoring Spray

Snore Hush is an all-natural, safe and easy application you can spray into your throat every night. This stop snoring throat spray provides long-lasting effects (4-6hrs) to get you through the night uninterrupted by snoring, sleep apnea, or pissed off partners! Show your consideration and get the refreshing peppermint flavor which will also help alleviate your morning breath.

This specially formulated throat spray absorbs immediately. The active ingredient is Glycerin, which loosens vibrating throat tissues to decrease the frequency of snoring. This product is a great first step product. It’s a great ice breaker gift if you want to talk to your partner about their snoring problem. Remember, sometimes it is not what you say, but how you say it! Rest assured, the product works.

#2 SnoreStop Extinguisher Spray

Made by Green pharmaceuticals, SnoreStop works to shrink the swollen tissues in the throat in addition to drying up mucus in the nostrils. Products include SnoreStop Maximum Strength, SnoreStop-2 Breathe Easy and SnoreStop Multi Allergy Formula chewable tablets. None are addictive and there are no known side effects. Take the tablet 1 hour before bedtime. Use the spray at bedtime by blasting one spray under your tongue and one aimed at the back of your throat. For super severe cases a third blast is recommended.

Green Pharmaceuticals stands by their product 100% and is very customer centric. They have a refund policy that will allow you to return the product to them, provided you have your original sales receipt. When trying new products to help you extinguish your snoring habit (much pun intended), the last thing you want is to be duped into some product that doesn’t give you the relief it promises, and then says, “sorry, all sales final”. Best of all this product is very inexpensive. The downside is you have to keep buying it at a frequency that makes sprays a substitute option at best.