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Snoring Wristbands/Watches

Anti-snoring watches… What will they think of next? There are better options in the market to stop snoring so let us explain.

TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation) technology is prevalent in a lot of products outside of anti snoring devices. However, this is a daily solution meaning you go day to day, no long-term relief and no greener grass on the other side. There is maintenance with the watch. You must replace the batteries when they go dead and you have to purchase the electro pads that go between your wrist and the watch. The pads are rather expensive running at about 3 pads for $12. This is on the top end of continual cost, which just doesn’t make economical sense.

Compared to a FDA approved pillow or the jaw supporter, we view these watches as a waste of time and money. However, everyone has a taste for a different flavor so here’s the breakdown nonetheless.

Anti-Snoring Wristband and Watch Reviews

#1 Hivox Snore Stopper Watch

Ok, we know what you’re thinking because we’re thinking it to. A watch is going to help me stop snoring? Well we were pretty pessimistic at first as well only to find out these watches really do work. The Snore Stopper is unobtrusive to wear while you sleep, and most importantly, it works without waking you up.

This watch uses the latest TENS technology to emit pulses of electric current (very low level) when the watch detects you snoring. The minor jolt is designed to reposition you so that your snoring is interrupted. If you’re a chronic snorer you could easily replace the symphony while you sleep with constant tossing and turning. Both equate to no sleep and we don’t see you gaining any advantage there. Comfort isn’t an issue and it is as durable as they come. It is battery operated (CR-2032) so in time you will have to switch them out.

#2 Snore Gone Wristband

What you need to know about Snore Gone Wristbands is they are really no different from the next product. They all offer the same treatment but have been rebranded as different products 10 times over. It’s like an over the counter drug sold under 10 different names but if you take a minute to notice the active ingredient, they are all the same. If you go the watch route, we recommend finding the best deal rather than focusing on a specific brand.